Ben's Leadership

Spokane Lags Behind Seattle

Seattle is Washington's beacon city. Unfortunately Spokane has not kept up with Seattle's progressive culture and lifestyle. Ben Stuckart will work dillegently to make Spokane more like Seattle. If Seattle does it then Spokane should more quickly follow suit. Ben will make it happen.

Economic Progress

Spokane is lagging behind in one of the fastest growing industries of our generation. Ben will work hard to bring more opportunities for both growers and sellers of one of the nations most lucrative crops. With skilled representation from Ben Stuckart, Spokane and Spokane Valley could have as many pot shops as Seattle has Starbucks. This could provide hundreds of additional jobs for upstanding Spokane citizens, and bring in thousands of tourists in a category sorely underrepresented by Spokane's tourism efforts.

Better, More Expensive Jobs

We believe that Ben Stuckart is the best candidate to implement $15 hour minimum wage. Why should a high-school drop-out earn less than a new college graduate? Ben will make Spokane's wages more equal and fair for everyone, regardless of their education and the amount of effort they've put into their careers.